Hi I am Brandon and this is my wiki, below I will tell you a little about myself. If you would like to know more about me then just edit the page and add another listing. Enjoy!

Fav Color - Deep Sky Blue

Name - Brandon 

Gender - Male

Country - UK

Age - 10

DOB - 13th July 2002

Siblings - Two Brothers

Fav Book - Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Series

Fav Book Character - Fregly :3

Fav Animated Film - Wreck-It Ralph

Year - 6

Grade - 5

Sport - Gymnastics

Fav Song - Gangam Style

Fav Band - Big Time Rush

Fav Solo Singer - PSY

Relationship Status - Looking for somebody :)

Crush(es) - Caitlyn Stimpson and Anna Speed

Girlfriend - None 

BFFs - Dana, Logan, Paddy, Ect...

Likes - All the things above

Dislikes - My Oldest Brother and Caviar

Enemies - George, My friends brother.

Best Friend (Boy) - Paddy, he is funny and smart, also he is chinese :3

Best Friend (Girl) - Dana, My best friend in the entire world.

Fav JD 4 Dance - Want U Back

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