Today was quite normal, I woke up on the sofa (as usual). My mum asked me if I wanted to go to The Gate (a posh hotel) for a meal, I sooner replied with yes and got up (I realized I had kept the same clothes on from the day before and I couldn't be bothered to change. I combed my hair and we went, before we went we dropped into my aunties to see if anybody wanted to come but sadly nobody was in, me and my mum had to walk due to no buses, it was quite creepy as we had to walk through the wood. We later arrived and the hotel was packed, but we managed to spot a table and we ordered a carvery (it was delicious) while I was scoffing down on some gammon three kids beside me started babbling on about Skylanders (an epic game), I was eager to join their conversation but I sadly had toothache and couldn't manage to talk, I taken a sip of my cola as my mum went to order her boyfriend some dinner to take out, my tooth was killing me and I couldn't manage to eat, a few minutes later my mum returned with a bag of food and said I could leave the rest of my dinner, which I did, as we scurried outside we headed for the bus which was delayed so we decided to walk up home. on our journey home a bus passed us and we hopped on. A while later we arrived on our street to find Nicola, Lauren, Morgon, Alex, Nathan and Jodie sitting outside on my aunties wall (I didn't go out to play because Jodie pretty much creeped me out and Morgon was just plain evil). I entered my aunties house once again to find most of my family (Kya, Libby, Logan, Kian, ect...). We stayed a while, I gave Kya a tic-tac that I had brought earlier today from the Premier (a local shop). I then came home and played on my 3DS for a while until my mum went to work (4:45 PM) and then jumped on her laptop and watched loads of youtube videos such as LinAndKo (an epic international youtube couple) and then went on the Moshi Monsters wiki to edit a few pages, after that I went onto ROBLOX and then went on Skylanders for a bit and returned to ROBLOX, I stayed on the games until 11:04 PM and then explored the website for a while until I went to bed (the sofa)...

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