Today was different, it was World Book Day and I had to dress multi-cultural. I woke up on the sofa (as usual) to my surprise, my mother threw my Hawaiian-themed outfit onto me and rushed me out the door, she we quite eager to get rid of me. I walked to school with Nicola - who went as a Native American. When I got to school everything was quite confusing, I was early for once, I walked to class and showed off my outfit. I ordered sandwiches because today school was serving foreign food (which I didn't quite like). At 9:30 AM we had to go to an assembly - which was a change because assemblies are usually at 9:00 AM. We had a Gnarnian visitor in today to tell us some stories from other countries, they made me laugh, the woman's name was Effua, pronounced Ef-U-Wa. After assembly we headed to English to write a newspaper article about World Book Day... It was lame. But fortunately we were saved by the bell before we could even write the second paragraph, so we went to lunch. I didn't have my band so I could not go in first, I had to wait in a line for over 20 minutes. I eventually got my dinner, yay! But it was disgusting, boo!

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